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Sustainable Water Treatment Service


              Dolphin System

Dependable World-Class Water Treatment


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Dolphin WaterCare delivers dependable and reliable water treatment service to accompany its time-tested proven technology to achieve superior biological, scale and corrosion control while delivering water and economic savings for our customers.

Dolphin WaterCare Service

Flawless Execution of Your Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Regularly scheduled service is essential to maintaining your cooling tower and water treatment system performance objectives. Dolphin WaterCare® customized service solutions provide scheduled service by authorized, dedicated, and experienced technicians with a unique combination of HVAC and water treatment expertise.

Dolphin WaterCare service truck

Customized Service Solutions and Remote Monitoring

Dolphin WaterCare service solutions are designed to ensure flawless operation of your water treatment system and optimized performance of your cooling tower and HVAC system. Our 24/7 remote monitoring option provides immediate online access to system and performance data, the ability to adjust set points remotely and optional alerts for changes in operating values.


Our service offering includes:

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Key Service Elements

  • Maintain proper cooling water chemistry
  • Onsite analysis and determination of set point
  • Monitor bacteria control through quantification of bacteria population
  • Ensure flawless function of water treatment equipment through:
    • Verification of Dolphin equipment and filtration function
    • Maintenance and calibration of control equipment



  • Maximize water use efficiency
  • Prevents formation of scale
  • Effective corrosion control
  • Minimize risk of pathogen proliferation
  • Ensures efficient heat transfer
  • Maintains proper water chemistry range