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Dolphin WaterCare: Green Advantage

Dolphin WaterCare immediately reduces the environmental footprint of a facility by eliminating toxic water treatment chemicals, and utilizing the resource-efficient, pulse-powered Dolphin System to treat condenser water. Given corporate mandates to incorporate sustainable, green technologies into the facility operation, Dolphin WaterCare presents a compelling opportunity to generate operational savings while treating water in an environmentally friendly manner. Use of Dolphin WaterCare also earns points in the LEED point system.


Chemical-free discharge water can be reused for other purposes and cycles of concentration increased, saving water and reducing cost. Dolphin WaterCare provides a distinct environmental advantage, while mitigating the risk of accidental chemical spills, chronic chemical exposure and bioaccumulation of persistent chemicals in the food chain.

"Buildings are the single largest contributor to global warming, accounting for almost half of total annual U.S. energy consumption and carbon dioxide emmisions."

Architecture 2030
  Download this detailed whitepaper showing how the Dolphin System can qualify for 1-7 Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points for Existing Buildings.