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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dolphin WaterCare?
The Dolphin WaterCare system is an eco-friendly and proven alternative to traditional chemical water treatment for open loop cooling systems and refrigeration systems. The Dolphin WaterCare solution is comprised of a time-tested technology (the Dolphin treatment module and signal generator) and water treatment service provided by highly-skilled and factory authorized technicians who have expertise in both water treatment and HVAC systems.  This unique blend of proven technology and expert service enables the Dolphin solution to deliver world-class HVAC/refrigeration system health (control of biological activity, scale and corrosion) without the extensive use of hazardous chemicals typically utilized in water treatment. 
How is Dolphin WaterCare making the built environment more sustainable?
The Dolphin solution contributes to a cleaner environment by 1) Delivering water savings; 2) Eliminating the pollution associated with typical chemical water treatment; 3) Increase energy efficiency of facilities through the elimination of biofilm; 4) Reduce a facility's carbon footprint by eliminating the full life-cycle associated with traditional chemical water treatment (production and transportation of treatment chemicals as well as storage, administration and disposal).  Download this infographic to learn how sustainable water treatment stacks up vs. chemical water treatment.
How does the Dolphin technology work?
The Dolphin System leverages proven pulsed-power technology to impart a broad spectrum of electro-magnetic fields into the flowing cooling tower water which activates suspended particles naturally present in cooling water.  This basic, physical change results in:
  • Scale Prevention: With the naturally occurring suspended particles activated they become preferred surfaces for minerals to precipitate around rather than forming scale on the walls/tubes of your HVAC process cooling or refrigeration equipment. 

  • Corrosion Control: A Dolphin-treated system operates in a saturated environment which is naturally non-corrosive.  Additionally, there is no risk of chemical corrosion.

  • Biological Control: Superior biological control is achieved through encapsulation and electroporation.  Dolphin WaterCare treated systems have bacteria levels below industry guidelines.  In fact, it is not uncommon for Dolphin-treated water to have lower biological counts than the accepted standards for drinking water.

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I'm skeptical... does it really work?
Yes!  Dolphin WaterCare is a proven water treatment solution with over 5,000 installations world-wide.  The Dolphin solution’s efficacy (controlling biological activity, scale and corrosion in cooling towers) has been rigorously evaluated and validated through multiple independent research documented in prestigious organizations such as CTI, ASHRAE, NACE, etc.  Many Fortune 500 companies are repeat customers who have been delighted with the significant water savings, reduced operating expenses and improved facility safety they have achieved with Dolphin WaterCare.
Does the Dolphin System use magnets?
No.  The Dolphin WaterCare system uses proven pulsed-power technology to deliver reliable and sustainable control of scale, corrosion and biological activity.  The Dolphin WaterCare system does NOT use magnets.
What is "Dolphin powder"?
The Dolphin’s pulsed-power treatment activates suspended particles naturally present in cooling water promoting precipitation around the suspended particles rather than forming scale on the walls/tubes of your HVAC equipment.  Thus, a Dolphin-treated system operates in a saturated environment where a targeted amount of calcium carbonate precipitates out of solution as harmless Dolphin powder.
Will Dolphin powder clog up my system and/or basin?
No.  By design, the Dolphin’s pulsed-power water treatment creates a targeted amount Dolphin powder.  This harmless powder is typically managed by normal blowdown.  In rare cases a filtration unit may be needed to manage powder; this determination is made during the initial site review with Dolphin WaterCare and, if needed, has a negligible impact on system payback.
How does Dolphin WaterCare control biofilm?
Biological control is one of the Dolphin system’s strongest attributes.  Where chemical water treatment must use aggressive surfactants, bio-dispersants and toxic biocides, the Dolphin system achieves superior biological control through encapsulation (bacteria trapped in Dolphin Powder) and electroporation (bacteria cell walls damaged through pulsed-power treatment).  Dolphin WaterCare treated systems have bacteria levels below industry guidelines.  In fact, it is not uncommon for Dolphin-treated water to have lower biological counts than the accepted standards for drinking
Does the Dolphin equipment require service?
Yes.  Dolphin WaterCare transformed its business model in 2011 to ensure customer delight through world-class water treatment service through the creation of the Dolphin WaterCare Service organization.  This group is comprised of highly-skilled technicians with a unique blend of HVAC and water treatment expertise and is equipped with all of the equipment and tools needed to handle any water treatment-related issue they may encounter. 
Key elements of Dolphin WaterCare service:
  • Maintain proper and naturally occurring cooling water chemistry through on-site analysis of water and real-time determination of set point

  • Monitor bacteria control through quantification of bacteria population

  • Ensure effective and efficient function of water treatment equipment through:

    • Verification of Dolphin equipment and accessory equipment efficacy

    • Maintenance and calibration of control equipment

    • Provide peace-of-mind that comes from regular and informative system service/health reports 

What kind of support and warranty can I expect with Dolphin WaterCare?
Customer delight is essential for Dolphin WaterCare to fully transform how an industry operates.  Recognizing this, the Dolphin Service organization was created in 2011 (see above).  Through this service organization, Clearwater ensures that our customers receive world-class water treatment service and support with each Dolphin system.  Additionally, all Dolphin-serviced customers receive a 10-year warranty on the Dolphin system.  We stand behind every system we service.
I'm concerned about Legionella and new ASHRAE standards; do I need to use chemicals?
No.  Leading industry organizations such as ASHRAE require that water treatment methods for cooling towers and evaporative condensers provide control of scale, microbiological activity and corrosion. Use of a Dolphin WaterCare treatment program meets all these requirements.  Dolphin WaterCare treatment has been successfully treating the open loop of cooling systems for over a decade.  Efficacy in controlling scale, microbiological activity and corrosion by Dolphin WaterCare treatment programs has been demonstrated in extensive field studies over the last 15 years and through excellent water treatment performance of thousands of Dolphin Systems since 1998.  
My facility has a Dolphin system but its not in use; can I switch from chemicals using what I have already?
Most likely, yes!  If you already have a Dolphin System you are just a few simple steps away from eliminating chemicals from your facility and providing a significant impact to the bottom line and the environment.  Sign up for a free assessment of your facility and Dolphin setup; based on the information gathered (and possible site walk) we will provide you with a quote for Dolphin WaterCare water treatment service (including periodic service from factory authorized service technicians and detailed service reports showing the effectiveness of your water treatment program, water savings and system health report card).  You are very close to eliminating chemicals from your facility and improving the bottom line with Eco-friendly Dolphin WaterCare!  Sign up for your free assessment today!
What is the life-expectancy of the Dolphin System equipment?
The core Dolphin System equipment consists of a treatment module and a signal generator.  The elegant system has no moving parts and is designed to last for over 10 years.  Many of our earliest installations are still going strong 14 years later!

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