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Water Use Effectiveness (WUE) and Sustainable Water Treatment in Data Centers

Posted by Mike Glynn on March 19, 2014 @ 10:50 AM


This Saturday (March 22 2014) is the 21st annual World Water Day; a day where the United Nations and its member nations work to raise awareness and implement recommendations regarding the world’s water resources. Useable water is an irreplaceable necessity for worldwide health, food supplies, biomes, and global economic engines. Usable water, and the non-negotiable need for it, is expected to become the single most important issue in the world (many insist it already is). That is a sobering wake-up call that must be heeded by individuals, towns, corporations businesses, states and countries.

Increasingly, businesses and governments are focusing on the critical interplay of water, energy and food supplies – often referred to as the Water Food Energy Nexus (explained very well in this video/animation by SAB Miller). Progressive businesses are adopting new policies and practices aimed at making a significant improvement in their energy and water efficiency. Data centers, which require a tremendous amount of energy and water in their daily operations, are continually monitoring their operations for power use effectiveness (PUE) and water use effectiveness (WUE). Earlier this week a Forbes article illustrated how companies such as Facebook and Ebay have developed their own measurement system to manage key performance indicators for PUE and WUE.

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GEIT Award

Sustainable cooling water treatment is an important component of data center water and energy efficiency for some of the world’s largest data center operators.  For instance, sustainable water treatment with Dolphin WaterCare was a major factor in Verizon Wireless winning a 2012 Green Enterprise IT (GEIT) Award from the Uptime Institute.  The award recognizes the combination of resource efficiency, environmental responsibility, and scalability in building a Tier III, LEED Gold-certified data center data center in Twinsburg, Ohio.

Dolphin WaterCare was installed in the center's cooling system to treat a maximum cooling load of approximately 2,600 tons on this mission critical application.  Use of Dolphin WaterCare results in a water discharge reduction of more than 20% (1.6 million gallons) compared to chemically treated water.  Additionally, the clean Dolphin technology provides the Twinsburg Data Center with an opportunity for water reuse.  By utilizing the discharge water from the cooling tower, grey water applications such as landscape irrigation can be implemented. Given the sustainable operation of Dolphin WaterCare, this Verizon Wireless facility also avoids the cost, use, storage, and waste generated by the use of typical chemical water treatment.

The Dolphin System was also instrumental in helping Harris Corporation and Lee Technologies to win the GEIT Award for a data center in Harrisonburg, Virginia. 

Dolphin WaterCare has a proven track record of cooling water treatment excellence and has become a trusted partner at some of the world’s largest and most rigorous data center operations in the world including several enterprise-level systems. Our mission critical experts can share more about Dolphin applications and successes in data centers. Connect with us to learn more

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