Dolphin WaterCare - a part of Clearwater Systems Corporation - has been providing environmentally responsible water treatment solutions for over a decade. Our state-of-the-art, patented technology, known as The Dolphin, is installed in facilities throughout the World with over 5,000 systems installed to date. Our organization is dedicated to treating water responsibly. We are focused exclusively on water technology and creating technology, products and services that support water and energy savings.

Dolphin WaterCare is a proven, reliable and chemical-free process to treat the waters of:

• Cooling Towers
• HVAC and Process Chillers
• Ammonia Condensers 
• Process Heat Exchangers 
• Fluid Coolers
• Hot Water Systems

  Initial research and development of Dolphin technology
  First Prototype Installed
  Commercial Production of Dolphin
  Independent Study Verifies Dolphin Performance
  First LEED™ Point Awarded For Dolphin Water Treatment
  Dolphin Expands Internationally
  Dolphin Awarded "Top 100 Products" in Buildings Magazine
  Dolphin Technology Green Tip in ASHRAE Green Guide
  Mission Critical Business Group Established
  Anupam Bhargava appointed as CEO
  Selected as "Top 50 Water Company" by the Artemis Project
  300th LEED™ project completed with points earned for customer with Dolphin installation
  Shipment of 5,000th Dolphin system
  Launch of Organic, In-house Water Treatment Service
  Dolphin WaterCare Expands, Opens New LEED™ Silver headquarters building in Middletown, CT
  22nd Patent Awarded
The origin of the Dolphin WaterCare technology was born out of a belief that "green principles" can be applied to nearly all aspects of our modern world. Early commercialization of the Dolphin technology took place at University of Connecticut with the company's founders exploring sustainable strategies and long before it was a common practice. In 1994, the first Dolphin chemical-free prototype was installed (and is still operating!) and the search for funding began.

Clearwater Systems Corporation was formed and in April of 1998 the first commercial Dolphin 1000 model was shipped, which controlled all three of the major water treatment responsibilities- biological life, scale and corrosion. The Dolphin 2000 model followed in 2002, which enhanced biological control by a factor of 10. In 2006, the Dolphin 3000 model was offered commercially, which increased biological control by an additional four times and included many operational enhancements. Many third party studies were accomplished during this time and the credibility of Dolphin WaterCare was secured and the company was poised to transform an entire industry!

In 2011, Anupam Bhargava was appointed CEO and set a mission for the company: transform the water treatment industry by evolving Dolphin WaterCare into a truly viable and sustainable alternative to traditional chemical water treatment. Key to this mission was the creation and launch in 2012 of Dolphin WaterCare's in-house water treatment service organization made up of skilled, experienced experts in the areas of both HVAC and water treatment. Also in 2012, Dolphin WaterCare shipped its 5,000th system, completed its 300th LEED™ point-qualifying installation for customer's green building projects and secured its 22nd patent.

Today, Dolphin WaterCare is sold around the globe through our Reps and Partners in North America, Europe, Australia, Russia, Southeast Asia and selected areas of China and the Arabian Peninsula. With the growing need for sustainable water strategies and an increasing awareness of the vast amounts of water consumed every day in commercial buildings Dolphin WaterCare is providing companies around the world with world-class water treatment and reduced operating expenses - and, changing an industry for the better!